Atlantis Sauteuse 24 cm 3,3 L

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Demeyere's business concept is to manufacture the world's best frying and cooking vessels in stainless steel, where each vessel is adapted to a unique area of ​​use. The products are expected to last a lifetime and therefore Demeyere provides a warranty that is valid for 30 years. Cooking in stainless steel vessels is often associated with burning, which can have two causes: too much heat and incorrect construction of your cookware. In Demeyere's range, there are vessels that boil quickly or slowly. The fast vessels (pots / pans) are recommended for water-based dishes and slow vessels (sauteuses) for milk and flour food. All Demeyeres vessels are treated with Silvinox, which is a unique method for cleaning steel. It gives a steel that is so clean that the surface feels as easily washed as a Teflon-coated vessel.

18/10 stainless steel with Silvinox® which is hygienic and easy to clean 7-PlyMaterial® - construction of 7 layers up to the edge (3.3 mm) for optimal heat distribution Welded handle in stainless steel for comfortable grip and good hygiene Suitable for the oven and all types of stoves, including induction

Kategori Stekpannor/Gjutjärnsgrytor

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